4 Big Reasons to Use Rackspace Cloud Hosting Servers

Rackspace cloud hosting is one of the best platforms for small business and big business to enter the world of cloud hosting. I’m a big fan of Rackspace cloud servers for a lot of reasons. In the future, from the amount of testing I’ve attempted, I’ll be making the move to put any clients onto Rackspace web hosting.

Why the Rackspace Cloud?

In this Rackspace cloud hosting review, I want to focus on the core of Rackspace cloud computing and hosting plans. These are the best reasons to sign up for Rackspace, as well as some reasons that might make you think twice. Even though I believe most businesses and organizations could find a positive impact via their cloud hosting programs, I think there are a few times when using cloud hosting and cloud computing might not be good for your plans.

1 – Rackspace Disaster Recovery

Rackspace disaster recovery is an aided version of disaster recovery planning that includes people, processes, technologies and policies that allow for the restoration of important IT services and processes.

Rackspace disaster recovery planning can help you eliminate the cost of downtime as your cloud sites will recovery from varying levels of failures. This combined feature of cloud storage and backup, along with a solid cloud computing architecture, gives Rackspace a solid platform for any sized business to remove the worry of catastrophic failure.

2 – Pricing that anyone can afford

We cannot talk about Rackspace cloud services without discussing their pricing. For some, the pricing for most tiers of cloud hosting might be counter-intuitive for small businesses looking for good pricing. However, there are many reasons why the pricing structure might appear higher, but is more valuable for your company and organization.

The price wars of the cloud hosting industry are far from over. Rackspace is a leader in cloud hosting pricing (about $0.032/hr to start), while also delivering reliable hosting, powerful cloud servers and many versions of top end support.

Rackspace Cloud Hosting Servers | Click Here for Pricing

With as good as the pricing is, you might be able to find cheaper hosting prices for uptime, cloud storage and the like. However, where Rackspace starts to distance itself from the competition is in it’s offering and support for private cloud solutions. Check it out, and you’ll see what I mean.

3 – Rackspace Cloud Servers are reliable and quick

OpenStack Rackspace servers offer you 24/7/365 access to IT professionals and Rackspace engineers. Rackspace Private Cloud Support expands basic support into core support, meaning installation, patching, monitoring and administration solutions for your cloud needs.

This is a Rackspace alternative to what most web hosting companies might offer as an upsale into the thousands of dollars a month. Instead, when you choose Rackspace hosting, it’s all included.

4 – Small business cloud hosting rocks

Let’s be frank…small business usually needs every single dollar that they can get. With Rackspace cloud hosting you can be sure that your total hosting bill, from the hosting, to the administrations, backup and monitoring will be a complete savings for you.

From Rackspace data center locations, to Rackspace cloud storage, there are many, many reasons why small businesses should turn their dollars and focus to the cloud and to Rackspace specifically.

But…maybe you shouldn’t…

Not every business nor project should automatically think the cloud will provide them with every answer that they need. While Rackspace allows you to easily scale with a good pricetag, your business and project might need something less scalable. You might only be running a blog, or WordPress…oh wait…

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