Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Solutions for You

The Cloud. It’s something you hear a lot about on the internet, in mobile devices and even in small and medium business. But when you need a website, either on the more cost-effective scale, where should you turn? For your cheap cloud hosting needs, we’ve got you covered. We are going to check out 5 strong contenders for some of the best cost-effective cloud hosting options, and how you can get started today!

Best Cost-effective Hosting Guide

What are the best cheap cloud hosting solutions?

Let’s ask a better question…why should you choose a cheap cloud hosting solution (let’s call this cost-effective for the time being), rather than a more expensive cloud host? What are the various types of hosting solutions that you can choose? How secure are they?

Not every business is the same. Not every web page nor hosting account needs the same things. When we talk about cheap cloud hosting versus more expensive hosting, we need to focus on a few things…

  • Price
  • Resources
  • Cloud Applications
  • Terms

But why even host a site in the cloud?

Over the last few year, businesses have begun more and more to adopt the cloud as a foundation for the way they do business. This includes data storage, infrastructure and technology needs as well, you guessed it, using the cloud for cloud-based hosting.

IBM produced a great video on the benefits of the cloud and where we are headed in our path to using the cloud for our tech needs.

A key factor for most business and even people purchasing a hosting account for their personal sites is that the price for the starting packages can scale as needed by the customer or business. This is an incredible selling point as you do not have tiers of usage, but instead, can slowly scale up as your needs increase.

Also, with a cloud hosting solution, the customer can leverage their risk of technology mishaps including hardware failure, network outages and more. Within the cloud model, these issues are removed as a problem with one instance of a server, means a creation of another in it’s place. The end product? Little to no downtime, ever; no matter what the circumstance or event.

Ultimate Cost-Effective Guide

Cloud HostPriceFeatures
Server Pronto Hosts
Server Pronto
$$$* 2 Cores
* 3GB Ram
* 50GB HDD
* Linux
* cPanel
* Windows VM
* No Setup Fees
Interserver Hosts
$* 25GB HDD
* 1TB Transfer
* $6.00 USD to start
Media Temple Hosts
Media Temple
$$* 100GB Storage
* 1TB Transfer
* MySQL SmartPool
* $20.00 USD to start
Blue Host Hosts
$$* 2GB RAM
* 30GB Storage
* 1TB Transfer
* $14.95 USD to start
Lunar Pages Hosts
Lunar Pages
$$$$* 50GB HDD
* 1TB Transfer
* Increase CPU cores
up to 8 @ $9.50 per
* Increase bandwidth
by $0.35 / GB

As you can see from the chart, There are various options when it comes to packages for cloud web hosting. You must ask yourself:

  • How much do increases to my storage cost? And how often (per GB, per 10GB)?
  • What about cores in CPU for heavy calculations and I/O requirements?
  • How much will I be charged for other resources like RAM?
  • What cloud-based applications come with these accounts?
  • How long are the terms of service with this cloud host?
  • Are there any startup fees?

The Recommendation for Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Provider

I think any of these hosts are aces. Literally, they all boast 99.99% up-time in many situations, have very comparable entry-points as far as price and features and are not considered ‘negative’ as far as feedback on the internet.

Personally, I like InterServer’s Cloud Virtual Private Servers. For less than $10.00 you can get started with an account. For the displayed features and resources, the price cannot be beat. But when you look at the larger packages, including their largest cloud hosting VPN package, its extremely cost-effective.

  • 400GB of Storage Included
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 16TB of Transfer
  • Less than $100USD to start

If you want more information about cloud hosting and the best in cloud hosting services, click here.